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SNHK’s main target is to create environments in which the main actors from the Spanish and Norwegian economies can meet in order to create strong bonds and be able to develop business ideas. SNHK is always at work at improving trade and business between Spain and Norway.

The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit members organization of Norwegian professionals who are passionate about Spain. We love the country, the people and the various produce of this fair land. Our reason to be is to improve trade and business between our two countries. This we do by offering local knowledge and expertise on just about anything from market entry to market penetration. From law to shopping. From real estate to travel. We offer advise on just about anything, including how to avoid the many pitfalls made up by cultural differences. Our network is at your disposal.

Our events range from presentations on a multitude of subjects such as energy, off-shore, medical possibilities, food and beverages to casual get-togethers. We have also been known to throw our Spanish friends out onto the ski-slopes in order to help them understand our way of life.

We enjoy close cooperation with the trade- and tourist departments of the Spanish embassy in Norway, SNHK in Spain, Innovation Norway, the EU-Chambers and other organizations.

For your convenience we have listed the most sought after services with links to the board member who is most likely to be able to offer the help you require. If we do not have a trusted member of the chamber who can help you, we will put you in touch with someone who can. This service is free of charge for our members.

For additional information please, contact María García by e-mail:


Information Service

Members receive monthly business, touristic, cultural, and political information as well as updates about the events organized by the Chamber through a newsletter sent by email.



The Chamber focuses its activity mainly on the promotion of contacts and relationships between members and top representatives of the business and political spheres, both in Spanish and Norwegian.

Direct contact with Spanish-Norwegian interests and the tight cooperation with the most representative organisms and institutions of both countries make the Chamber an information center and a meeting point very useful for our members. The Chamber’s members use their membership as a trust reference when doing business with third parties.

Scaling Up

Professional Forums

The Chamber invites personalities of the corporate and political spheres from Spain and Norway to participate in forums of exposition and discussion. In these forums speakers and members share experiences with attendants and tackle current affairs in a particular sector.


Organization of events

The Chamber becomes a key partner in the organization or hosting events and presentations of members, to be introduced, to teamwork or to inform about updates or to promote contacts in the sector.


Publication of news

Through the Chamber’s communication channels, valued content from members and to members is published.