The Board Directors

Vincent Wego Fleischer


Vincent was the director of Innovation Norway office in Madrid (consejero comercial), assisting Spanish and Norwegian companies in their joint business ventures. He has also been working extensively with strategy and with communication towards political players. Vincent worked for several years in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and has in-depth knowledge about policy-making and Norwegian governmental affairs. He also worked as a consultant within media and consumer goods in The Boston Consulting Group.

Antonio Holstad

Vice-president, Tax & Legal Advisor

Antonio is a partner at Brækhus law firm and currently head of their Tax Department. He is a tax lawyer specialized in international taxation and tax treaties. He has more than 30 years of experience. Holstad has previously worked 6 years within the Norwegian Tax Administration and 8 years for one of the major global audit firms. Main areas of expertise is international tax and global mobility. He also works with cross border labour law issues, legal planning regarding estate and inheritance law, and use of foreign employees in Norway. He speaks fluent Norwegian, Spanish and English.”

Aase Herkules

CEO, Chairman, Consultant

Aase is CEO, Chairman and Consultant at Enter Norway Consulting and Entre Norway Accounting. She has a broad experience in operative management, logistics, import/export between Norway and EU, HR management, accounting, VAT, tax, economics, sales, marketing, international business development, communication and differences in business cultures. She has lived, studied and worked in different countries and speaks 6 languages (including Spanish, English and Norwegian) fluently. Aase is chairman, founding partner and consultant at Enter Norway Consulting and Enter Norway Accounting, specializing on legal services, company establishment, accounting, salary work, VAT, Tax, legal and economical issues when bringing employees to Norway, and consulting services to Spanish companies entering the Norwegian market.

Jesus Puertas

MSc Civil Engineering

Jesus is MSc.Civil Engineer with a PMD® in Esade Business School with in-depth knowledge in the Spanish market and more than 16 years in Spain and 7 years in Norway of professional experience in the field of public infrastructure and public-private concessions. Has already been living in Oslo since 2013. Currently he is working as project manager in the Technical department in engineering projects within Norwegian Public Administration. He is passionate about increasing the relations between two complementary countries, Spain and Norway. He previously worked extensively as a consultant within analysis and integration of Spanish engineering companies in Norway.

Nicolás Soriano Salkjelsvik

MA Political Science, European Cooperation and Integration

Nicolás has more than 15 years of experience as European Union Programs and Funding’s Consultant, Export Manager for industrial products for Western Europe, and Managing Director and Co-founder of several Spanish-Norwegian enterprises in Spain. Nicolás helps Spanish enterprises to access the Norwegian market, as well as finding the local partners that best suit every company. He assists Norweigan corporations on the process of expanding to the Spanish market and finding the right connections. 

Gaute Mo

MSc Civil Engineering, Partner and CEO

Gaute Mo is partner and managing director of the structural engineering company Degree of Freedom with offices in Oslo, Valencia and Athens. He has lived for more than a decade in Spain and worked there for the prestigious engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava. He is now based in Oslo, but remain his close link to Spain as Degree of Freedom’s largest office is located in Valencia. On numerous occasions Gaute Mo has given talks both in Spain and Norway about the cultural differences the two countries and the possibilities for Spanish companies in Norway.  The core business idea of Degree of Freedom is to take advantage of the possibility in quality production in Spain and the lucrative market in Norway, and idea that can be extrapolated to other companies and industries.

Salvador Baille

Intelis , Partner and CEO

Salvador is an independent and acknowledged consultant, speaker and coach in the areas of  innovation and technology management. He has been columnist in the financial online newspaper E24 and participates regularly in several podcasts and conferences on those subjects. 

Salvador is also partner at the agritech and environmental innovation hub Aggrator and member of Smart Innovation Norway, a non-for-profit organization and cluster where he coaches founders and startups. He also serves regularly as a board member at companies and organizations with high-growth ambitions. 

Ignacio Lara Antúnez

Tax and Fee Advisor at Brækhus Advokatfima

Ignacio is a tax and fee advisor at Brækhus Advokatfima. He has a Master’s in Financial Services at ESESA Business School and deep knowledge in the field with more than 15 years of professional experience. Ignacio has been living in Norway since 2011 and therefore he is fluent in Spanish, English and Norwegian. With his Spanish roots and experience in Norway, Ignacio is passionate about helping to increase the relationship between the two countries and help Spanish enterprises willing to access the Norwegian market.