Founded in 1934

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Founded in 1934



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What is the Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce?

about the chamber

The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit members organization of Spanish & Norwegian professionals who are passionate about increasing the business relations between Spain and Norway.

Our mission is to improve business between our two countries. This we do by offering local knowledge and expertise on a series of issues from market entry to market penetration. From law to shopping. From real estate to travel. We also advise on how to avoid the many pitfalls made up of cultural differences. Our network is at your disposal.

Our events range from presentations on a multitude of subjects such as energy, off-shore, medical possibilities, food and beverages to casual get-togethers. We have also been known to throw our Spanish friends out into the ski-slopes in order to help them appreciate our way of life.

We enjoy close cooperation with the trade – and tourist departments of the Spanish embassy in Norway, SNHK in Spain, Innovation Norway and the EU-Chambers.


El Club Español is an initiative of the Norwegian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce that was created as a platform of trust to support Spanish companies established in Norway. To this end, meetings are held with the top managers of the Spanish member companies and experts on relevant issues of interest. The first edition was held in 2017. The Spanish Club is a Corporate Member benefit.

The board directors
honorary members

Roger Derros, former member of the board​
Svein Erik Duus, president​
Lena Rudstrøm, president​
Hilde Solberg Øydne, president​


Members of Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of commerce

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Chamber of commerce

“The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce has been key for the development and growth of my business during the last few years. What I value the most are the networking opportunities offered by the Chamber that has allowed me to create strong and long-lasting partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs.”

P. Olsen 

“Being a member of the Spanish Norwegian Chamber of Commerce means being able to connect with businesses and people from both countries in a much easier way. Our journey entering the Spanish market would have been immensely harder without the aid and benefits from the Chamber, from public administration and corporate contacts to the regular inflow of Spanish news and opportunities available.”

S. Dahl

The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is always available for questions and requests for support, and open for suggestions from their members. During the time our company has been a member of the Chamber we have seen a notable growth in the offer of activities and benefits. It is a pleasure to see new members joining the organization and therefore enlarging our community of companies and individuals with shared interests both in Spain and Norway.”

E. Llorens Font