A browser cookie is a small data file transmitting information to the user’s browser, with as purpose to authenticate or identify the user. A cookie cannot collect information from the user’s computer or carry any viruses.

Cookies are normally stored on your PC and may contain information such as registration data, user preferences and enabling basic website functionalities. When a server receives a request from a browser that has a cookie, the server is then able to use the information stored in the cookie. For example, the server might be able to customize what is sent back to the user, or keep a log of particular user’s requests.


Any personal information with which we are provided is used exclusively to help us help you!


SNHK uses several cookies, that enable the user to experience the information provided in the best way, and to help us maximize the user-friendliness of our web. Additional cookies from third parties may occur, for example enabling streaming of YouTube movies, PDF readers, Adobe Flash functionalities etc.

By using the SNHK website, you approve that we can set cookies in your browser. Note, cookies can always be deleted and or disabled. Please refer to your browser’s help file to determine the browser’s settings.

Be aware of the following, several webpages will not have optimal functionality if cookies are deleted or blocked in settings.

    1. Necessary Cookies



Episerver infrastructure:


Assign unique identifier to ensure that users requests are handles by same server behind load balancer (a.k.a. sticky session)


Stores identity of currently logged in users (applies only to logged in users)


generated by Cloudflare and used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis


Prevents Cross Site Request Forgery attacks


Enabled Testing in Production also known as A/B tests

Episerver Forms:


Stores a GUID which is the visitor identifier.


Stores a GUID as the browser ID.


One cookie is created for each form and each logged in user. It stores the current submission status of the form (formGuid, submissionID, and if submission is finalized or not).


anti forgery token which prevents CSRF attacks. It guarantees that the poster is the one who gets the form displayed.

Application Insights:


unique indentifier used by AppInsight to store user context in order to help diagnosing issues


used by AppInsight to store user session context in order to help diagnosing issues

  1. Marketing, analytics and advertising